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The El Caballero Foundation is a charitable organization established, supported and managed by members of El Caballero Country Club.

The El Caballero Foundation is led by a twenty member Board of Directors. All directors are members or employees of the club. Directors are elected for staggered three year terms and may not serve more than three consecutive terms.

Board Committees are active in planning, budgeting, grant making, investments and financial reporting.

El Caballero Foundation operates under section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Contributions to the Foundation are exempt from federal taxes to the extent allowed by law.

In January of each year, for tax purposes, all donors will receive a letter acknowledging their contribution.


To Benefit our Employees, their Families,
and our Neighboring Community

El Caballero Country Club has always made it clear to our members that charity and philanthropy are prerequisites for membership. While we respect our members for their dedication to various causes near and dear to their hearts, the El Caballero Foundation was specifically established to enhance the lives of our loyal employees and the community around us.

Catalina Roldan's Story

Catalina's dad, Enzo, is a longtime favorite El Cab employee. Catalina worked part time as our hostess while attending Cal State Northridge with tuition assistance from El Caballero Foundation. Her academic achievements earned her a once in a lifetime opportunity to study in France but the costs were prohibitive. The foundation agreed to pay Catalina's tuition and she is working part time to cover her living costs. This video reflects her elation and her gratitude for the generosity of El Cab members.


The El Caballero Foundation has already helped those who help us by:

Providing a new laptop for Enzo's daughter

"I want to thank you and the rest of the Foundation for making this possible. The laptop is beautiful and fast! I am beyond grateful. Once again, thank you very much."


  • Providing tuition assistance to the daughter of an employee who is studying Engineering at UC Berkeley
  • Assisting with the purchase of hearing aids for an employee whose insurance would not cover the cost
  • Helping a 30 year employee with the cost of his cancer treatment at the City of Hope
  • Purchasing a new electronic gate for the Tarzana Fire Station 93 which has resulted in faster response time for emergencies

    "For whatever the reason you come to El Cab, you feel like you are at home. Over time you develop a kinship with the people who serve you, and you get to know them as friends. I welcome the El Caballero Foundation as an opportunity to provide assistance to those who help make El Caballero my second home."

    -Mort Maurer (40 Year Member of El Caballero Country Club)




    Become a FOUNDER by
    making an Individual Contribution.


    Gold: $5000.00

    Silver: $2500.00

    Bronze: $1000.00


    Become a

    by directing the club to add a contribution to your monthly bill. Many members currently support the El Caballero Foundation with sustaining contributions of $25-$200 per month.

    Make a

    in honor or memory of a friend, or loved one, or in recognition of an employee for outstanding service.

    "We rise by lifting others."

    -Robert Ingersoll
    18300 Tarzana Drive Tarzana, CA 91356
    Phone: 818-654-3016 Fax: 818-345-3486

    Making it more than a membership

    Donor Honor Roll

    Gold Founders

    Larry & Ilene Abramson, Sid & Sue Art, Bob & Marilyn Buckley, Scott & Peri Cohen, Jonathan & Faith Cookler, Charles & Kathleen Delle Donne, Neal & Karen Dem, Jody & Mitch Dunitz, El Cab, Women's Social Auxilliary, Richard & Leslie Frank, Daryl Gerber, Arnold Gittelson, Mike Glickfeld, Arthur Greenberg, Ruth Harris, Matthew Herman, Mark Kanter, Herbert & Eleanor Kraft, Stan & Sheila Kurland, Don & Maryann List, Dominic & Michaela Lowe, Alan & Risa Mandelberg, Mort Maurer, Gary Mintz, Paul & Diane Mohilef, Nancy Norris, Ed Prober, Kim & Darryl Schall, Donald & Suda Shaul, Sandy & Sue Ann Singer, Randy & Susan Snyder, Fred Solomon, Steve & Charlene Ustin, Alan & Nancy Wiener, Jan and Stephen Winston, Michael & Jane Winston

    Silver Founders

    Artie & Sharon Berrick, Gerald Block, Robert & Robin Burg, Tom Card, Charlie Duff, Carol Esterkin, Martin & Carol Evanson, Roger & Linda Friedman, Joe Gechtman, Michael Greenfeld, Ira Halpern, Robert Hirsch, Bert Kalman, Richard & Nancy Katz, Larry Kay, Sandy & Shelley Kriegler, Jim Lauter, Nat & Jill Linhardt, Chuck & Fay Lipeles, Ken Lodgen, Don & Claire Marks, Steve & Allison Martini, Harold & Amy Masor, Richard Mettel, Jack Neinstein, Ron & Amy Ossip, Ruth & Mark Pash, Alan & Tobi Pepper, Gilbert & Geri Perlman, Drew & Pauline Pomerance, Steve Rapaport, Max & Mei Rosenblatt, Joel Saltzburg, Peter & Daniella Schmole, Marvin Selesnick, Donald & Suda Shaul, David & Marjorie Sievers, Howard & Denise Simon, Hal & Sandy Slan, Fred Solomon, Steven & Shelly Strull, Chuck Treibatch, Gary & Faye Waldman, Mark & Linda Wolfson, Ira & Barbara Wolowitz, Gil & Lisa Zaharoni

    Bronze Founders

    Bob & Jan Ackerman, Alan & Sophie Alpert, Harvey Bibicoff, Ronald Bronow, Mark & Beverly Brutzkus, Gary & Barbara Ceazan, Ron & Lisa Cherney, Brian Davidoff, Lori Demain, Gary & Allison Diamond, Ken & Randee Devlin, Dennis & Lynn Edelson, El Cab Cup Participants, Jonathan Feldman, Bill & Adena Frank, Elliott & Sharon Friedman, David & Dana Garfin, Mark & Karen Geelman, Lois & Fred Goldberg, Eric & Romi Goren, Ken & Gerri Gross, Larry Hartman, George & Lisa Hess, Kyosuke Himuko, James & Joi Horowitz, David & Susanna Jacobs, Andrew & Shari Kairey, Gary Kaplan, Lynn & Bruce Kaufman, Steve & Toby Koppekin, Jeff Kramer, Brian & Kathy Kriegler, Rick & Debra Lebby, Hal & Franceen Lederman, Joel & Diane Leebove, Danny & Jennifer Lerner, Barry Levitt, Leon & Barbara Lewitt, Daniel & Debbie Mallut, Jay & Kathleen Mangel, Steven & Marcie Medof, Paul Meshekow, David Meshulam, Robert & Diana Morgenstern, George Moss, Emanuel & Alisa Newman, Ali & Zara Pourmola, David & Anne Rainer, Maury Rice, Lawrence & Bernice Rudolph, Daniel Schindler, Peter & Daniella Schmole, Larry Seewack, Martin* & Phyllis Shephard, Madeline Sherak, Ken & Cheryl Spring, Jeff Steinberg, James & Carol Sterling, Paul & Stephanie Strong, George Sugarman, Walter Theis, Harvey Turell, Henry & Eva Weingarten, Brian Weisberg, Steve & Angela White, Sandy & Marlene Wilk, Jan & Stephen Winston, Merv & Judie Wolf

    Sustaining Members

    Gary Alter, Perry Altshule, Paul and Robin Applefield, Sid and Sue Art, Michelle and Dee Baker, Jennifer and David Bernstein, Artie Berrick, Ron Bronow, Mark Brutzkus, Jane Canter, Gary Ceazan, Ron Cherney, Bernie and Eleanor Davidorf, Neal and Karen Dem, Richard Dem, Lorrie Demain, Ken Devlin, Charlie Duff, Dennis & Lynn Edelson, Martin Evanson, Jonathan & Debbie Feldman, Andrew Fogelson, Daryl Gerber, Mark & Karen Getelman Eric & Roni Goren, Michael Greenfeld, Ken & Gerri Gross, Hyman Harris, Ruth Harris, Andrew Kairey, Mark Kanter, Larry Kay, Stanley Klein, Irving Knight, Stephen Koppekin, Kathy & Brian, Kriegler, James Lauter, Franceen Lederman, Andrew Leeds, Danny Lerner, Gary Levenstein, Claire Levine, Annette Lewis, Leon Lewitt, Chuck Lipeles, John List, Phil Lopez, Dan Mallut, Wendy Mandel, Alan Mandelberg, Gary Marcus, Steve Martini, Harold Masor, Richard and Lise Massoth / LaFlamme, Steven Medof, Danny Metzger, Gary Mintz, Michael Nash, Alan & Tobi Pepper, Gilbert Perleman, Drew Pomerance, Lance Pozarny, Ed Prober, Maury Rice, Peter Richman, Max Rosenblatt, Lawrence Rudolph, Paul Schaeffer, Jay Schulman, Martin Shephard, Madeline Sherak, Ken Spring, James & Carol Sterling, Paul & Stephanie Strong, Alan & Nancy Wiener, Sandy Wilk, Michael Winston, Mark Wolfson, Ira Wolowitz, Gil & Lisa Zararoni

    In Kind Contributions

    El Caballero Country Club, Kristin Charness, Arthur Greenberg, Mike Greenfeld, Andrew Kairey, Mark Kanter, Chuck Lipeles, Nancy Norris, Fred Solomon, Chuck Treibatch, Al Wiener

    Other Gifts

    Francine Abrams, Richard & Barbara Ackerman, Gary Alter, Perry and Nancy Altshule, Paul and Robin Applefield, Michelle and Dee Baker, Aaron and Rita Berman, David and Jennifer Bernstein, Richard and Adria Cain, Jane Canter, Rita Cofsky, Larry Cohen, Bonnie and Howard Corman, Bernie and Eleanor Davidorf, Robert Davis, Robert and Andrea Decker, Richard and Frankye Dem, Leon and Carol Dragon, Alan Emkin and Wendy Mandel, Allen Entin, Andrew and Susan Fogelson, Mark and Donna Friedman, Larry Furst, Susan Goldstein, Ron and Rita Goodman, Jeanne Gottesman, Hyman Harris, Paul and Jan Holtzman, Trevor and Wendi Hurwitz, Cliff and Isabella Katab, Donald and Frances Kates, David Kenin, Stan and Reneen Klein, Irv and Helen Knight, Susan Krane, Doug Kriegel, Andrew Leeds and Cheryl Porcaro, Gary Levenstein, Claire Levine and Jack Berlin, Annette Lewis, Phil Lopez, David and Marie Mandel, Gerry and Cori Marcus, Richard Massoth and Lisa La Flamme, Daniel and Nancy Metzger, Michael Mink, Karen and Casey Morin Green, Alan & Adriane Morrison, Michael and Patti Nash, Karen Rains, Peter and Helen Richman, Jeffrey and Susan Rome, Greg and Melinda Rubin, Melinda Russell, Paul Schaeffer, Jay Schulman, Robert and Sue Shadur, Jason and Felicia Shapiro, Andrew and Jafida Shapiro, Diane Sharlin, Spencer Shiffman, Ron and Judy Silver, Jim and Dina Skrumbis, Ian and Helen Smith, Craig Stern, Maxine Stern, J. Michael Webster, Barry West, Lawrence Yeager